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Kingdom Principle: How To Live In Your Authentic Self: You May Just Be Living It Already

This Kingdom Principle deals with the myriad of ideas and suggestions people—including yourself—can place upon you. It's not until you realize that you were created by an all-affirming God who calls you His greatest creation. Once you "rediscover" who you are and that you are already complete—already made perfectly—you'll then realize that you do not need to conform to anyone's opinion of who they think you should be.


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Kingdom Principle: How To Live In Your Authentic Self: You May Just Be Living It Already

3 Keys And Principles To Apply

Hey, Ty.

What's up, Nic?

You already know what time it is.

It's time for the Dr. Tongie Show.

I apologize if you've been waiting patiently because I told you in the montage, I've got a Kingdom Principle that's going to help you move from where you are to where you need to be. For that, I want to say thank you very much to you, Facebook, Instagram, Kiss 105.9 family, and all those who make this show very possible. You know who you are, Mr. Jones, who is vacationing, Mr. Steve Ettiene, and Mr. Patrick Smith who said, “I'm going to do this thing,” and he did it. He is a man of vision. For that, I am truly grateful. I've got this gentleman. You know him as Marlon. I know him as my gentle giant.

If you are new to the show, thank you very much. You're wondering. “What is this show about?” I'm glad you asked. This show is about encouraging, inspiring, motivating you, and holding you accountable to your purpose, whatever that purpose is in your life that you're supposed to be doing, it's our community of sorts that says, “You got this. Let's get busy.” It's a show that's founded on Kingdom Principles. Someone asks, “What's a Kingdom Principle?” I’m glad you asked.

The Kingdom as it relates to God is his invisible government. It is His domain, His territory where He rules and He regulates with His lifestyle. It is where He, the king, impacts and influences what we are supposed to be doing bringing heaven to Earth. That's kingdom living. It's a kingdom mindset. It's not a religion. If you're thinking that it is, sorry. Wrong answer. When you think about a principle, I want you to think about the original intent of something. The original intent as it relates to God's Word, His Word is the original intent for our living. It is predicated not on opinion.

I will never ever give you an opinion of this show. Don't give me your opinion.

Symbiotically, mutually exclusive. What you can expect is for me to be open, honest, and sincere. It's something about that HOS system I've been using it since 1995 and now you bend a little bit and you think, “I got it right.” It is Honesty, Open, and Sincerity because this place, this community that I'm fostering, that I'm creating through Him is a community where you will grow.

You will have an actionable goal. You did not just have a to-do list, but you'll have a checklist and it's a difference. We'll get into that on another show. You know how it goes on all social media platforms look @DrTongieShow. That's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. I got some TikTok up there. It's just not me dancing. We're going to get into this Kingdom Principle. It is something that helps me. I live these principles too. How to live in your authentic self. You probably are already doing it, but you'll find out a little bit more.

Let's get into this Kingdom Principle. How many times have you heard or perhaps spoken to yourself, “I'm going to live my true authentic self,” or someone convinced you to say, “Live in your authentic self?” If you're like me, I often wondered, “What does that mean, living in your authentic self? Does it mean giving people a piece of your mind when they rubbed you the wrong way? Does it mean withholding what you want to say when someone has hurt your feelings badly or perhaps living the standards that have already been outlined by our Big Brother and Savior? You know Him, Jesus, the Christ from our Constitution.

If you're experiencing a life that does not look like the one you wrote at the end of the year, you know how we make those declarations, how we're going to do this, and we're going to do that in the new year. We're going to be closer to who we are, or we're going to be what we are supposed to be, then this Kingdom Principle, how to live in your authentic self is for you.

Living authentically is an act that requires intentional living. It requires you, once and for all, to shed all of the negative things that people have spoken to you or spoken about you. When you begin to live authentically, you probably have experienced some rock-bottom episodes in your life. When everything is going good the way you want them to be, it's easy to say, “I'm living authentically,” but I shared it on my birthday celebration.

What happens if, for a season, you no longer can meet the need or meet the build need and you got more bills than money and you find yourself living substandardly? You find yourself in that struggle. What happens when you go from not using your imagination to declaring what you see? If what you see doesn't look like what you know to be true about your life, you'll find yourself living above struggle or struggling, and then life changes. Now you're living above struggle a little bit into contentment.

It's easy to say, once you've hit rock bottom, “I got to live in authenticity. I got to live authentically.” What does that look like? I started doing some research and I found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary that the word authentic means genuine, being and exactly what is claimed, being trustworthy as according with fact. In nowadays’ culture where people are looking for the real person in you, it means you being who God created you to be and to look like.

There have been times in my life when I was far removed from my authentic self that I didn't even look in the mirror because I was unrecognizable. I'd wear globs of makeup. I'd work from sunup to sundown and it was never enough. When I looked in the mirror, I was looking at a liar. I was looking at a sneaky person. I'd show up for a job that I knew I didn't want to go to. I didn't enjoy it. I was going through the motions. I had to take a stance of moving back to Him because I had moved away from Him.

He never leaves us when we find ourselves in precarious situations. I couldn't even hear His voice anymore. I was listening to the voices around me and the voice in my head more than God. I'll save all of that for another day. Let's get back to you living authentically. There are some things that you must affirm in your being every single day for the rest of your life that's living intentionally. It's akin to breathing. You are going to keep breathing until you can't breathe more. I need you to live authentically until you don't live in this realm anymore.

Society's authentic living doesn't look like ours. I'm sorry. Society is quick to say cancel culture on the union. We talked about that. We got to get away from that. What culture do you cancel when you are living authentically? When you decide to live authentically, your mind changes. Everything you thought you needed to be complete, to be whole, and be in the crowd, you discover that you don't need those things. It didn't matter about the car, house, or money that you thought.

We don't own anything. When you realize that you don't own anything, your only objective then is to live how God would have you to live. Trapped in you is something big. It's incredibly amazing that if you met your real self, you wouldn't believe it was you. You'd shake your head at yourself in disbelief. You're more than what people see every day or say about you, whether it is good, bad, or indifferent, whether it's in your face or behind your back.

Trapped in you is a work of art that even the greatest painters who knew who we know were great painters, people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, or Pablo Picasso. Those men had technical skills. They had sheer genius innovation. Not to mention perseverance. They were relentless in their pursuits to showcase what their imaginations perceive to be real. That's who you are. You're in that same space because you're authentic.

How do you live authentically? You probably already are. If you're not, then you're going to rediscover your why. More importantly, you're going to discover His why in creating you, then you're going to declare that, “I will live the life that He has already given me authentically because I have the authority and power to do it.” That's a declaration. I've discovered, the more I read and study about my amazing big brother who came and demonstrated how to live authentically, the more I know for assurity that I can too. I need you to know that.

Principle 1) With some keys, change your mind to who and what you thought you were. Our Constitution is filled with passages about who we are. Romans 3:24 declares, “We are God's children.” You better shut your mouth and hold yourself right there. “If children, also heirs, and if heirs, we're co-heirs with Christ.” That's it for a second. You and I are saints. It is declared that we are. If you don't believe me, read Ephesians 1 and 2 for my scholars who are Bible readers. You and 1 are blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ.

We are accepted by God. We are a recipient of His grace. You and I are redeemed and forgiven in Christ. That's the Word. The key, the next time someone or something attempts to bother you with who they think you are or what your past may have dictated what you are, remind them and yourself of what is written. Remember, we're talking about your living in your authentic self.

Principle 2) Living in your authentic self is going to require you to ask the manufacturer His why in creating and making you. One of the worst things that a man or a woman can do is squander his time. How do you know? I used to squander mine. It's a bad thing when you squander your time, resources, talents, and skillsets on something in someone that will not yield you the glory that is required of us for Him.

DTS 3 | Authentic Self
Authentic Self: One of the worst things that a man or woman can do is squander their time.

You do know that everything you do must give God the glory. That's real talk. Living authentically will force you to ask our Daddy, for those who got that relationship with Him, “Show me some of the secret things, Dad, that You know about me.” Those are reserved for Him. Our Constitution talks about it. It talks about us not being afraid of them. It states that there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed or hidden that will not be made known. If you don't believe me, check it out in Matthew 10:26.

Here's the key. Remind yourself that our Daddy already knows those things. The more you spend time with Him in meditation, listening to Him not talking, the more He will download to you. The more you pray, the more He gives you to manage even the situation that you're faced with. He's already made a way to escape, but we got to spend some time with him.

Principle 3) Do what you believed you were created to do. You were destined to become it and this will require you to become a man or a woman full of faith. This means you must move out of your own way. Get out of that comfortable space. It's going to require you to do something that you've never done before. It's going to require you to look in the mirror and to speak what you do not see.

One of my routines in this life is to speak to myself, “How can I go out and tell you how beautiful you are? Your smile is pretty. I like your hair.” If I don't tell it to me, I can't continue to starve myself to feed you. That's not love. We know that love is patient and kind. We know what it says. We know what those attributes of love are.

Love starts also with Him, then with Him and you. You got to speak to yourself. It's more than just encouraging yourself. It is telling you, “I love what you're doing with your life. Thank you much for showing up. Thank you for not giving up. Thank you that you cried and you felt real bad, but you still got up, showed up, and did exactly what you were supposed to do.”

Living authentically is going to require you to remember who He is and who you are in Him. I hope I've said something to move you seriously, inspire, and motivate you to do something that you've never done before. It’s going to require you to be a person of faithful faith. You got this. “How do you know I got this?” It’s because you got up.

Living authentically is going to require you to remember just who God is and who you are in Him.

I have some folks who are acknowledging that they are tuning in. Dan says, “You guys keep me smiling.” Wences is in a bit of a competitive mood. She says, “How are you guys doing?” We're doing fine. She says, “Paradise Water is the best water on the island.” You had to give a thought to that.

Since you want to call out Paradise, I still have to get in touch with me I can call them by name with some money behind me. Thank you so much for that.

Thank you very much.

You're probably taking it all in. You're probably saying, “I never even think you going to come on.” I am grateful for those who truly read, do, and become the work that you're supposed to become. Congratulations to you. Thank you much for not giving up on you because life does look good on you. No matter what state you may find yourself in, He got you. If you've given up, give Him one more chance. If you've given up on yourself, give yourself another chance.

Life really does look good on you. It does. No matter what state you may find yourself in, God’s got you.

Sometimes you think being late is wrong, but know it's better sometimes than not showing up at all.

Do you know how easy people can do that?

You could have been like, “It is past 11:00. I'm not going to do this anymore. I'm going to get out of here.”

When you're working for Him and not for yourself, you'll get put in time out. I'll be trying to speak and my voice won't even come out. I know better.

You could have impacted at least one person. At least one person can make that difference because this 1 person can have an impact on 3 other people. There's a little something in what you said. I was thinking about something earlier and I found myself speaking to this person. The person had been saying to me they've been going through this and that, crying.

You mentioned crying. I'm like, “I don't know what you're going through, but if you have to cry, you go right ahead and cry. When you think you're done crying, you've got to work on yourself and start to see.” I'm thinking of everything that I've heard and everything that maybe I have been through. You don't need to go out there, get on the road, and cry like crazy. You sit down. You think about your situation. If it is love and loss, you cry about it and then you go, “I dealt with that part. Now let me get to work on this.”

How many times have I cried and still had to walk? We still had to get up and walk.

Nobody says, “You don't have to cry.”

Who says that? He knows every tear that you cry and He puts them in a bottle. He knows every last one of them. That's the beautiful thing about being in a relationship with Him. He got your back, front, side, middle, up, and down.

DTS 3 | Authentic Self
Authentic Self: God knows every tear that you shed—every last one of them. That's the beautiful thing about being in a relationship with him. He's got your back.

It starts with you being your true self. You have to live to that's what it is. All of this has to do with authenticity. You know what it is. You deal with that reality. Magdalene said, “You're a preacher.”

You already know it. Thank you, Maggie, for your support on this show. She did send me something and I said, “I'll read it in a minute.” A minute hadn't come yet, but I'll get back to you expeditiously. For all of the readers, I hope that we've said something that will move, inspire, and motivate you. We love you very much. I love you very much. To God be the glory for your life. Do something for yourself. Paint your fingernails. Chip your beard. If you wear a bald head, put a little alcohol on the head. The Lord stays the same and the creek don't rise. We'll do it again.

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