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So, you are ready to begin the work needed to become who you were meant to be.  I am extremely excited for you.  And I await the opportunities to be there with you.  Now then, please note that this active choice will catapult you into a realm of existence, a world of knowledge and an applicable wisdom guaranteed to create the divine Destiny already reserved for you to live.


One on One Business Coaching


The following are not all inclusive services and certainly can be catered individually

  • One on one life coaching (with introduction to Kingdom Principles)

  • Assistance with Tax I.D. Numbers (EIN)

  • Referral to Professional Business Tax Accountant

  • Assistance with Business Formations

  • Limited Liability Corporation

  • Incorporation

  • S-Corp

  • C-Corp

One on One Existence Now!

This is Life Coaching coupled with life altering principles. 

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