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In light of the urgent needs faced by countless families in these communities, donating for assistance becomes an indispensable act of compassion and solidarity. The absence of basic necessities, such as running water and indoor plumbing, as well as the lack of access to groceries, underscores the critical nature of the situation. By contributing to the cause, we can extend a helping hand to those who are struggling, providing them with the vital resources they require to improve their living conditions and sustain their families. Empowering these communities with the means to secure their fundamental needs not only uplifts their spirits but also fosters a sense of hope and resilience, building a brighter future for all involved. Together, through our generosity, we can make a meaningful impact and offer a lifeline to those who need it more.

Some of the communities that we have helped so far are Bobonneau, Cannaries, Dennery, Soufriere, Anse La Raye, Laborie, Castries, Gros Islet, Micoud, and Vieu Fort. Please take a look below to see someof the events we have been able to host.

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