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One of the most fascinating events in life is to realize that you have everything you need to have a successful Spiritual journey.  Your Spiritual life is far more valuable and real than what you could ever experience in your physical life.  But oftentimes one's ability to  take possession of what "is" can be daunting and many times never realized. This is where Dr. Tongie helps.  When you decide to allow Dr. Tongie to walk with, inspire and hold you accountable for your actions, you subconsciously choose to live life out loud.  Now the beginning of a journey that will forever change the trajectory of your life begins.  Come...Let's Do Life Together.

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" IMAGE (Characteristics) + LIKENESS (Qualities of God) = DOMINION And this is the reason why YOU were created and made"


Why Dr. Tongie?


Dr. Tongie's Uniqueness

When a person can keep
their focus on the unseen-but be on the scene-and demonstrate things from the unseen to the seen, one would say that person has tenacity, grit. And when life constantly demands that it be lived even in the most difficult of times; it is not until a mind shift happens that change is realized. And this is exactly what you can expect to receive from the Dr. Tongie Show. 


Keen engagement, coupled with inspiration, causes you to seek answers to some of life's most challenging questions.  Dr. Tongie has inspired countless individuals around the world to discover the "reason" why they were created.  And once discovered, a deployment into their God-given Purpose became evident.


What I Offer

Kingdom Principles

One on One Consults for Kingdom Principles


Assistance with purpose rediscovery


Business coaching


Why book a session with Dr. Tongie?

- Life altering

- Visible changes seen within self

- Gain valuable insight for living a well planned life, throughout life



Assistance with Business formations, (LLCs, S-Corp, C-Corp)


Assistance with procurement of Tax Identification Numbers


Referral to qualified tax accountant for all things tax related