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When a person is able to turn failure into success, they are usually considered a “winner”, and if they overcome obstacles in the face of adversity, they are often considered a “hero”.  However, when an individual is able to turn numerous life-altering catastrophes into monumental triumphs, they are called Dr. Tongie.  Having lived a life that could have easily seen her become a casualty of her environment, Dr. Tongie instead proved that hard work, honesty, education, perseverance, charitable deeds, and having a strong relationship with God-are the Keys to obtaining “The Abundant-Life.  Born in Mississippi, and raised in a government controlled housing projects-Yorkville- served as the rearing site for a woman destined to be a role model  worldwide.  A very astute student, Dr. Tongie earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Biology from Jackson State University.  And at 31 years old, matriculated into and graduated from the Grace University School of Medicine.


Ever the entrepreneur, Dr. Tongie is the Founder and CEO of several highly successful companies.  One in particular, Me and My Nanna, LLC, a licensed home care and professional nanny agency founded in 1995 and located in Atlanta, Ga. .  Existence Now, LLC, a consulting and management firm founded in 2009.  MAMN Holdings, LLC, a real estate holding company she partners with her business manager and husband.  Nanna House Recuperative Care Facility, LLC, and other entities from a book publishing company to her nationally syndicated podcast  Dr Tongie Show. In her book-“Journaling With Dr. Tongie Scott: Deciding To Move Forward, Dr. Tongie asks 5 “life altering” questions-Who Are You?…Where Are You From?…What Is Your Purpose?…What Is Your Destiny?…and What Are Your Abilities?


Additionally, after a visit to the Philippines a couple of years ago, Dr. Tongie was moved to tears when told about a young islander who had saved money for several years in a quest to attend the local university in her village.  But a sudden disaster struck her Family and insurmountable circumstances occurred, thereby rendering her quest futile.  Upon returning to the U. S., Dr. Tongie quickly established an educational foundation to make sure this young girl from Batanga, and countless others,  had an opportunity to attend college.  Presently, Dr. Tongie has established the Dr. Tongie’s Kids Talk among other various programs geared towards helping Caribbean Nations.


At a point in her career where the fruits of her labor are at an all time high, it would be hard to fathom that this same super successful entrepreneur and medical doctor (non-practicing) was once a victim of rape and homelessness.  This is the case of Dr. Tongie, who although forced to endure acts of sexual, physical and emotional sufferings, managed, through God’s Divine power, to rise from the pain similar to a rose growing through concrete.


As a happily married mother of three, Dr. Tongie enjoys her life as an in-demand specialist in the home care community, speaking on various panels, as well as, hosting her syndicated weekly podcast-The Dr. Tongie Show.  Her television show-Talk2Tongie, can be seen weeknights from the beautiful country of Saint Lucia and broadcasted on Channels 10 & 12 on DBS and the Caribbean Broadcasting Network.  Her uncanny and undeniable ways of operating in her gifts of speaking words that Motivate, Inspire, and Encourage, have without a doubt, caused those who dare to change-and do the work-live a life according to their desires .  Dr. Tongie’s proven systematic Value-adding Strategies assists in dream realizations.  She provides the “How To” for those who believe they too can live a well-defined Purposeful Life.  She does this by incorporating effective Principles which are Biblically based and life transformative.  Dr. Tongie shines as living proof that it doesn’t matter where you come from.  When God has a Purpose for your life, He will provide the tools necessary, along with the People needful to assist you with accomplishing and fulfill your Destiny.

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